Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What If The Mets Held Onto Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner?
The Mets weren't long for October, but that doesn't mean there's not a Mets feel to the 2016 MLB postseason

Last week, an epic relief appearance by Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was likely Los Angeles' only chance of retiring Nationals MVP candidate and October monster Daniel Murphy. Now that Washington is out, the spotlight has shifted to an ex-Met in the middle of the Dodgers' bid to upset the World Series favorite Cubs: Justin Turner.

During Tuesday night's Game 2 of the NLCS, Turner delivered with a home run in a 6-0 Dodgers win.

The soon-to-be free agent ended the night with a nice grab to seal the victory.

From 2010-2013, Murphy and Turner were Mets teammates and infielders trying to become consistent players for the franchise. Murphy eventually succeeded and helped the Mets reach the 2015 World Series. Turner—after posting just a .696 OPS in parts of four seasons in New York—was eventually non-tendered and allowed to walk away.

Now? Murphy and Turner are two of the most prolific postseason hitters in the sport. Check out their career postseason slash lines, including the updated stats to include Turner's Game 3 homer run:

Turner: .391/.500/.696/1.196
Murphy: .351/.430/.662/1.092
Honestly, I still don't believe that the Mets had to choose between offering Daniel Murphy a contract or Yoenis Cespedes. I think that if Sandy Alderson really wanted to, he could've convinced the Wilpon's to do both. IMO, despite Murph essentially carrying the Mets to the World Series by his lonesome, Alderson thought about that error in Game 5, Murph's overall defense, Neil Walker's availability, Michael Conforto's potential and yes, even Murph's unabashed Christianity and figured that he could get away with not offering Murph a longterm contract. As for Turner, while he showed flashes at times of potential as a Met, overall he was just an average player for us. And with David Wright ahead of him at 3rd base in '13, barring an unforeseen injury (ironic how that played out) there was no way he would've reached his cap staying in New York.

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