Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On This Date: Mets' Improbable Rally Defeats Red Sox in Game 6

The ending

The Red Sox's win probability and chance to win their first World Series since 1918, jumped to 99 percent when Schiraldi retired the first two Mets in the bottom of the 10th. But the last out was an elusive one.

First, Carter singled to left. Then, pinch-hitter Kevin Mitchell, a former roommate of Schiraldi’s, singled to center. Then on 0-2, Knight fought a pitch off the fists and singled to center, scoring Carter.
Red Sox manager John McNamara took Schiraldi out and brought in his other top reliever, Bob Stanley to face Mookie Wilson.

Wilson worked the count to 2-2, including a two-strike foul in which he barely ticked the ball. Stanley then threw an inside pitch and Gedman didn’t slide over to block it. Mitchell scored to tie and Knight moved to second base.

Wilson extended the at-bat with two more foul balls, then hit a ground ball to first base that became forever memorable. Buckner, still in the game, moved for the ball, bent to field it and watch it tick off his glove and roll through his legs. Knight scored the winning run, evening the series, 3-3.
Greatest game in Mets history IMO. I can still remember almost being in tears watching the game in my parents living room with my mom after Henderson hit that home run in the top of the 10th inning...yeah, I too thought the series was over right then and there. Thank goodness I was wrong.

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