Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mets To Reportedly Exercise Jose Reyes' Club Option
The Mets intend to exercise infielder Jose Reyes's club option for the 2017 season, according to Jon Heyman. If you didn't realize Reyes had a club option, you aren't alone. That nugget was reported at the time of the original signing, however, it was swept aside by the bigger issues at hand -- like remembering why Reyes was suspended for 51 games in the first place:
His wife told responding officers that Reyes grabbed her off the bed and shoved her. Sources say she also told police that he grabbed her throat and shoved her into the sliding glass balcony door.
Once the suspension was over, the Colorado Rockies released Reyes. It's not enough to say his poor play the previous season precipitated that move. We can read between the lines. (We also know that Trevor Story's emergence was probably the one thing stopping Reyes from returning as a regular in the Colorado lineup.) And, because Reyes was released, the Mets had to pay him only the prorated league minimum when they signed him a few days later -- the Rockies were on the hook for his actual salary, and will continue to be, while the Mets pay him the league minimum once again in 2017.

Reyes then appeared in 60 games for the Mets, hitting .267/.326/.443 (a 104 OPS+) while primarily playing third base. From a production standpoint, he was a fine, necessary stand-in for the injured David Wright. From every other standpoint? The entire thing was gross. It's getting grosser, since the Mets will continue to benefit from Reyes's arrest and subsequent suspension by way of the aforementioned option.
Good. Jose Reyes is a huge reason we were able to make it to the wild card game this year, you can have him at the league minimum and so far he's doing everything he's supposed to do as far as his punishment for violating the league's domestic abuse policy goes. This is a no-brainer. Only issue here is whether or not the Mets will choose to save a ton of money by not re-signing Neil Walker, then allow Reyes to be your starting 2nd baseman with Wilmer Flores and T.J. Rivera backing up David Wright at 3rd and in the infield in general. My guess for anyone who has a problem with the Mets re-signing Reyes is that they don't believe in giving people second chances--which is pretty hypocritical for so-called liberal sportswriters.

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