Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mets Beat Dodgers Despite Terry Collins Best Effort To Lose The Game

Top of the 9th inning, 4-run lead and the manager brings in...his closer (who just pitched two days before on Wednesday, so no one can run with the old excuse that he 'needed the work') in a non-save situation because 'You’ve got to win tonight, so you bring him in.'

So basically either you don't believe that anyone else in your bullpen has the ability to hold a 4-run lead or you just forgot that your team is only a game out of 1st game and it's only May 27th for chrissakes. Since when do teams a game out of 1st place have must win games in late May, anyway?!? This was just a dumb decision by Collins and it almost cost us. Now Familia, who had no business being on the mound last night is reportedly upset at his meltdown and thanks all those pitches he threw last night, in a game he had no business being in the first place, will most likely be unavailable to pitch tonight and possibly tomorrow night when we face Clayton Kershaw. SMH.

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