Sunday, May 29, 2016

Face It, Chase Utley Just Loves Killing The Mets

When I think of Met Killers, yunno guys who always seemed to step it up a notch when they faced us, the first ones that come to mind are Tim Raines, Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones and pretty much any Philadelphia Phillie player in the late 2000's, but damn if Chase Utley doesn't rank highest on the list now. Because I sincerely feel that Utley just relishes faces the Mets, to the point that it's become personal. Of course, the Ruben Tejada take-out slide last year didn't help, much less the crucification from Mets fans Utley's gotten since because of it. Yet, like I mentioned before, Utley's been a Met killer since his career started and screw that rookie umpire for totally overreacting and throwing out Noah Syndergaard yesterday instead of giving both teams a warning and basically motivating Utley to bury us again with two home rums. All said, thank goodness after this series we don't have to see Utley again for the year...during the regular season anyway.

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