Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why Hasn't Steven Matz Started A Game Yet?

Matz is supposed to be the Mets 4th starter and yet, through 5 games this season, he hasn't appeared in game. Matz was passed over for Bartolo Colon yesterday in what would normally be his spot in the rotation and I haven't seen or heard any word on when exactly Matz will finally appear in a regular season game. I know that Matz didn't pitch too great during spring training...but that's spring training. And when he did pitch last, he pitched pretty well, delivering 5 no-hit innings against the Cubs in the Mets’ final spring training game on April 1st. Matz hasn't appeared in a game since, tho there was some talk of him pitching in relief of Noah Syndregaard against the Royals in Kansas City the other day. I know that Matz has hi share of aches and pains last season, that included a stint on the disable list. But for a guy who's been designated the 4th starter and a huge key to the Mets' chances of winning this year, I just think it's strange that we haven't seen Matz pitch a game yet thin season.

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