Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Much Do the Mets Really Need Kevin Plawecki to Hit?

So with the injury-prone Travis d'Arnaud back on the DL, the spotlight is back on how much can the Mets expect from Kevin Plawecki as their No. 1 catcher. And I honestly don't think it matters that much. The Mets starting lineup, even without d'Arnaud, is highly potent. Especially with the spectacular show Neil Walker's been putting on since season started. Besides David Wright striking out too much and our leadoff hitter Curtis Granderson being such a streaky hitter, I'm not really worried about the Mets offense. Of course, Plawecki hitting around .250 and getting some clutch RBI's over the season could only help the Mets, when it comes to the overall state of the ballclub I'm much more concerned at what he does behind the plate in regards to throwing out runners and how he handles Mets pitchers. And so far, Plawecki has been doing a pretty sound job with both, throwing out a third of runners attempting to steal on him and Mets starters having a full run less of an ERA with Plawecki behind the plate versus d'Arnaud. If Plawecki continues with those type of numbers defensively and the Mets offense stays formidable, then Plawecki's offense should be the least of our problems moving forward.

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