Sunday, September 21, 2008

Memories Of Yankee Stadium

I'm no Yankee fan, but being an NYC native I've probably been to Yankee Stadium about 10 times in my life (thru invites from friends, free tickets, etc), the last being 2007 where I had the good fortune to watch Alex Rodriguez hit two home-runs. Honestly, i have nothing bad to say about The House That Ruth Built on the day the Yanks are playing their last game there today. It's a beautiful park, the fans are great and yes, there is a mystique to being there. The Yankees clearly don't need a new park (esp. when you remember that this one was remodeled for two years in the 70's), but the team is no longer winning on the field and in these tense financial times, you gotta make $$$ any way you can get it I guess. Lastly, I'd say that my best memory of Yankee Stadium was getting to see my favorite player of all-time, Don Mattingly, play in person.

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