Saturday, September 6, 2008

Even Stephon Marbury's Cousin Thinks He's Selfish

Well look at this, one of Marbury's fam confirms what I've been saying for years:
Stephon Marbury has carried the stigma of being a selfish player for the majority of his 12-year NBA career.

Now, his older cousin is saying Marbury is even more self-centered off the court and is dishing details on the Knicks point guard in his autobiography, "The Beautiful Struggle," the Daily News has learned.

The book, due out in late September from Xlibris Publishing, has former NBA pro and current overseas player Jamel Thomas alleging that Marbury ruined a potential deal for him with the Minnesota Timberwolves. In it, Thomas includes a conversation that he allegedly had with Kevin Garnett, in which Garnett tells him how Marbury's presence on the team spoiled his cousin's chances of signing with Minnesota.

"Stephon's selfish - It's just the way he is," Thomas told The News. "He never put himself out there at all to help me. He left me out to dry. Too many false promises. I still love him, but he's selfish."

See what I'm talking about? Called out by your own cousin. Can the Knicks please trade or waive this cancer before he makes them worse (granted, that'd be hard to do after last season, but you get the point).

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blogger said...

unbelievable, steph just missed making the '5 most destructive teammates list'; ripoff!