Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prince Fielder Is A Big, Fat Bully

Here's a guy who still holds a longstanding, silly grudge against his dad and now he's pushing a teammate down to the ground twice because the pitcher didn't want to stay in the dugout after he got taken out (don't most pitchers do that) the game? Grow up already.

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Anonymous said...

Listen,you racist retard,Prince and that crappy reliever got into a boys-being-boys
clubhouse scrap.Of course,since the reliever was non-black,you took his side.
As for Prince's dim-witted slob of a "father,"Cec attempted to extort money from Prince when Prince signed his first professional contract and blew his 50 mil-
lion or so baseball earnings on hos and gambling.
Please get a clue,a life,and a babe before you "opine" about anything else,or go to Auburn with the rest of the Klansmen.