Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chris Russo Leaves "Mike and the Mad Dog"

Well, the rumors had been there for months that "Mike and the Mad Dog" would be breaking up soon, but I still held out hope that they'd stay together. I've been listening to Chris and Mike for 9 years now and always enjoyed their show (even if sometimes I couldn't stand Francesca's sometimes "all-knowing" ass) because both hosts knew their sports, they had a great chemistry, they were funny, there was a tremendous balance and they were always entertaining without being sleazy. Russo made it sound like it was just time to take advantage of new opportunities and that it wasn't anything personal, but then the idea of leaving a No. 1 (or "prime real estate" as Francesca put it yesterday) spot like WFAN in the afternoon just doesn't make much sense to me. I think that they'll be worse apart then together, it was like hand fits glove with those two for years, so yeah, it's sad that they've broken up.

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Anonymous said...

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