Sunday, February 25, 2007

NFL Needs To Get Rid of "Pacman" Jones

Put aside the fact that a man is lying paralyzed allegedly because of some brohaha started by him, because "Popeye" Jones is also a coward who spits on women, has a violent temper and has proven to be nothing but a nutcase ever since he came into the league. Just get rid of him. Now.

Contrary to the catchy marketing slogan, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Not when you're Pacman Jones. Not when you're at the scene of a shooting where three people are wounded.

And not when your team, the Tennessee Titans, finds itself being criticized locally and nationally.

Jones hasn't been charged or named a suspect since Monday's incident at a Las Vegas strip club, but public relations experts, talk radio hosts, NFL analysts and fans said Friday that the image of the Titans - and to a lesser extent Nashville - was being damaged by the publicity.

"This guy plays for the Tennessee Titans, and that looks bad for them and the entire community,'' said Dan Pinger, president of Dan Pinger Public Relations in Cincinnati, where nine Bengals were arrested in the past year. "People outside the city say, 'Look at Cincinnati, oh my gosh, they have a huge problem.' Well with (Jones), people are thinking there must be a problem there, because things keep happening with this guy and management is not getting on top of it.''

Jones has been questioned, named or arrested in connection with at least eight incidents involving police since the Titans drafted him in 2005, so his image had been under fire.

"But I don't know that Nashville's image or Tennessee's image has taken that big a hit," said Dave Mahler, host of a radio sports talk show in Seattle. "I hope people are smart enough to see this is a Pacman Jones problem and not a Nashville, Tennessee, problem.''

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