Thursday, February 8, 2007

John Ameachi Is Gay? Who Cares?

Some former NBA journeyman center has come "out of the closet" and written a book about it. Apparently this is supposed to be some kind of "news":

The AP:

Former NBA center John Amaechi, who spent five seasons with four teams, on Wednesday became the first NBA player to publicly come out as gay.His admission makes him the sixth professional male athlete from one of the four major U.S. sports -- basketball, baseball, football, hockey -- to openly discuss his homosexuality.

Amaechi details his life in his autobiography "Man in the Middle," which will be released Wednesday.

Orlando's Grant Hill, who said he didn't know Amaechi when he was with the Magic, applauded the decision to go public.

"The fact that John has done this, maybe it will give others the comfort or confidence to come out as well, whether they are playing or retiring," Hill said.

Philadelphia Sixers forward Shavlik Randolph, a former Duke player, acknowledged it's a new situation.

"As long as you don't bring your gayness on me I'm fine," Randolph said. "As far as business-wise, I'm sure I could play with him. But I think it would create a little awkwardness in the locker room."

Grant Hill is an idiot. Ameachi was a scrub center who waited until he was retired to announce that he was gay. If he was so "confident" he would've announced that he gay while he was still playing. Nobody even remembers this guy, but he has a book to promote and what better way to sell some than to suddenly announce to the world that you was a gay pro athlete.

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