Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bush Honors NBA Champs Miami Heat

WASHINGTON - Everything was going fine until President Bush dropped the ball. Bush honored the Miami Heat championship basketball team on Tuesday, joking with the team in his usual manner. But Shaquille O’Neal got the last laugh when Bush tried to bounce a basketball while standing next to the 7-foot-1 star.

It thudded flat on the stage. Bush looked startled as O’Neal and his teammates laughed.
So much for the president’s basketball career.

Bush lauded the Heat, the latest team to get the presidential treatment in the East Room. He noted that the team did it the hard way, losing the first two to the Dallas Mavericks before winning four
straight — a rare feat — to win the series.

“I congratulate you on a tremendous achievement. Even though you beat a Texas team.

This should've been done before the start of the new NBA season, but better late than never.

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