Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jay Bruce Doesn't Care If He Stays A Met
For Bruce, those boos for a childhood hero served as an eye-opener. They would be behind the first steps in an ongoing journey toward emotional detachment.

It is a strategy born not from bitterness but from pragmatism. The method may be cold. But the years have taught Bruce that to endure the wild swings of this game, it is necessary.

“First of all, and this is with all due respect to everyone reading this, how the fans think I feel — or how they create to themselves how I feel or how I look — could not have less of an impact on my day-to-day life. Someone the other day was like, ‘Oh, I could see it.’ No, they couldn’t. They assumed. They assumed that because I had a bad stretch, it’s ‘Oh, the market, New York City is too big.’ Oh, like I’m not able to perform under this pressure. Well, they’re lying to themselves.”

“I believe that teams care about their players to the extent that they are required to, essentially. I believe that every team, every smart team, should always be looking to improve upon what they have. And if trading me helps you improve your roster, then I say go for it. I don’t care, I really don’t.”
What a dumb thing to say. I get that he's frustrated with all the trade talk and critics saying that he can't handle the spotlight of playing in New York. But why not let your bat do the talking and prove them wrong, instead of letting the fans think that you don't care if you play well or don't. Jay Bruce gets paid millions of dollars to play baseball, pretending like you don't give a shit just sends the wrong message.

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