Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mets In Danger Of Getting Swept By Padres

If the Mets don't make the playoffs this year then Willie Randolph deserves to be fired. It's just beyond perplexing that every time you think that the Mets are going to go on a run, they spit in your face and go back to playing lackluster baseball:

The Mets scored only one run for the third straight game Saturday night, and not coincidentally, they lost their third in a row, all by the same demoralizing score of 2-1.

This time, though, their offensive futility stretched into extra innings, into the 10th, when Scott Hairston blasted a leadoff homer off Pedro Feliciano.

I've been saying it all year: the Mets need a trade. Badly. Package Delgado, Heilman and a minor leaguer to an AL team and see if anybody is willing to take the bait. Scoring one run per game against the lowly Padres is pathetic, but the Mets have been playing like this for over a year now. And the guy who you know could've made a difference in this series, Moises Alou, is constantly on the DL. The manager should be angry, but when does he ever get angry at his team?

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