Friday, June 20, 2008

Derek Jeter The Most Overrated? Oh, Please

Listen, I'm a Mets fan so it'd be easy to express some glee towards the news that Derek Jeter has, for the second time in two years, been voted by his peers as SI's Most Overrated Player. Yet, besides being a Mets fan, I'm also a realist. So not only do know jealousy and envy when I see it (after all, how many of the same yahoos who voted Jeter Most Overrated wouldn't trade places with the starting shortstop of the New York Yankees in a millisecond?), but I've seen Derek Jeter up close enough times to know what a clutch performer he is, how he only cares about winning, that he always gives 110%, that he should've won the MVP in 2006, that's a deserved 8-time All-Star and that he's on his way to the Hall of Fame whenever he decides to call it quits. In other words, the facts on Jeter speak for themselves so baseball players need to stop with the hating already.

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