Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can Mike Francesca Shut Up About A-Rod Already?

Listening to WFAN everyday like I do, this morning I got to listen to afternoon host Mike Francesca carry on and on about how great Alex Rodriguez is (yunno, just in case you didn't already have a clue). Of course with the Yankees still more than 7 games out of playoff contention, you'd think that Francesca, a huge Yankee fan, would understand that it's about his TEAM winning, not the splendor of one individual (esp. one whose never won anything in his career) player. With that said I guess we can just add the All-Knowing Francesca to the long list of media pundits who've been conned by one man's stats instead of where his team is at the end of the season.
Or perhaps Francesca has never heard of Derek Jeter.

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Anonymous said...

ARod can shove his stats,I have never liked the guy,and never will.He will forever be the guy who only likes to pad his stats,he is forever the guy who will do anything just to keep himself in the headlines.
He should never have been brought to NY in first place..Seattle were a better team after he left,Texas were better before he got there,and NY were better before he got there
Yes,I know he has fancy numbers and on paper he is the best,BUT i'll still take Jeter anyday.When did u ever hear Jeter make excuses when he plays badly,when did u ever hear Jeter ever say he is the best,or ever boast about the money he makes!!