Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mets Need To Stop Pitching To Daniel Murphy

A Christian who's always worn his beliefs on his sleeves, I truly believe that it wasn't just Daniel Murphy's at times poor defense that made the Mets choose to not offer him a legitimate contract in the off-season (after all, the Mets do play in uber-liberal New York City). And because of that Mets fans have to deal with Murph 18 to 19 times a year in their own division as a member of the front-running Nationals. As I write this Murphy has 7 home runs against the Mets, while hitting at a more than .400 clip. Call it a coincidence or not, but it's why politics should never mix with sports and it's why the Mets need to start treating Murph like Barry Bonds in his heyday and stop pitching to him.

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