Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lineup-wise, Jose Reyes Just Isn't A Good Fit For Mets

I honestly don't care about the domestic violence charge. The guy screwed up and paid the price with his suspension--is he not entitled to a second chance in a professional sports world where athletes have done far worse and been given second chances? I think Reyes would be highly motivated to comeback and play for the Mets and Lord knows that we could use his speed. But where exactly is he gonna play? Asdrubal Cabrera and Neil Walked have made for tremendous tandem, offensively and defensively for the Mets. Wilmer Flores is hitting and playing pretty well at 3rd since David Wright went down. And Walked hasn't played 3rd base in like 6 years. So yeah, Reyes costing a penny and coming back to the Mets is certainly intriguing, but you're not bringing him back to come off the bench and be a pinch-runner.

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