Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red Sox Should've Suspended Manny Ramirez

The national media and baseball fans in general, know that Manny Ramirez has a reputation for being a goofball. But "Manny being Manny" is no excuse for pushing a grown man in his 60's to the ground, much less over some baseball tickets:
Manny Ramirez said he patched things up with a Boston Red Sox employee he reportedly shoved to the floor during an argument, and the club said the matter is over.

The Providence Journal reported Monday that Ramirez pushed traveling secretary
Jack McCormick in the visitors' clubhouse Saturday in Houston after McCormick told Ramirez that he might not be able to come up with the 16 tickets the player requested for that night's game.

"Whatever happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse," Ramirez said Monday. "I talked to him and everything is fine. He's going to continue being my friend. It's over with."
The Red Sox should've sent a message to Ramirez and suspended him for at least a game.

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