Monday, May 5, 2008

Exploiting The Kentucky Derby Tragedy

I saw the Kentucky Derby live on TV this past Saturday: great race, tragic ending. Still somewhat shocked to see a horse have to go down so soon after finishing a race. But what's really shameful is all the negative press now coming out of Churchill Downs, from blaming the jockey to ripping the TV coverage to liberal, special-interest groups
like PETA exploiting the race while demanding reforms to the horse racing industry. But would PETA be making so much noise if the Eight Belles wasn't a filly? And this wasn't the Kentucky Derby, the most popular race in horse racing? I highly doubt it. Yet another reason why PETA (which has no problem using porno stars like Jenna Jameson in their ads) should be minding their own damn business here because they know nothing about the horse racing industry.

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