Thursday, December 6, 2007

Omar Minaya Is Playing Us For A Fool

That can be the only conclusion a true Mets fan can come to if you buy his crazy idea that the Mets don't need pitching, better yet a top-notch starter. And no, overweight mediocrity like Livian Hernandez and/or Bartolo Colon are not the answers. Dan Haren or Erik Bedard or even Dontrell Willis are, and Omar Minaya needs do to everything he can to acquire one of them what wit the Twins asking for the moon for Johan Santana. Mets fans like myself are still suffering from the worse collapse in baseball history. We lost 13 wins in Tommy Glavine. We lost the guts of the team in Paul Lo Duca. We lost great potential in Lastings Milledge. Unless the Wilpons are holding him back, Omar needs to do what he can to balance all of that.

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