Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joe Torre Needs To Go

Like him or not, George Steinbrenner puts an enormous amount of money into his team. That said, Joe Torre, who has deservedly enjoyed the longest tenure for any manager under Steinbrenner, needs to go. The Yankees are not about division titles and wildcards, they're about championships and now they've gone 7 years without one, 4 years without even going to the Series. Since Don Zimmer left as Torre's bench coach, the Yankees have suffered through the worse playoff collapse in major league history, lost in 4 games to a Tigers team they were heavily favored to beat and lost to an Indians team they were also favored to defeat. It's time for Joe Torre to go. He's not Casey Stengel and he gets paid $7million a year. The Yankees need to move on, get younger, stop going after big-name free agents, make Joba Chamberlain a starter, keep Jorge Posada, keep Mariano Rivera and give Don Mattingly a chance to manage the team.

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