Saturday, January 20, 2007

He's Back! Ron Artest Returns To Detroit

Carmelo Anthony was supposed to be back on the court Saturday, but a postponed game extended his suspension another two days. So now he can watch another highly anticipated return of a brawler: Ron Artest, back at Detroit.

"It's going to be crazy," Anthony said. "They might boo him (like) crazy out there. I can't wait to see that game."

Artest can't, either. Sacramento's visit to the Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday night is his first game in Detroit since the brawl between Indiana Pacers players and Pistons fans on Nov. 19, 2004.

"I haven't played there in a long time and it's going to be a fun environment," he said earlier this week. "I'm looking forward to Detroit."

Artest charged into the stands trying to attack a fan who had hit him with a beverage. He was suspended for the remainder of that season and didn't play for either the Pacers or the Kings, to whom he was traded, during their visits to Detroit last season.

If Artest was still a Pacer maybe I could get into this, but he's not and The Brawl was so long ago that besides getting booed I don't see Piston fans getting too worked up about his return. And neither am I.

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